My first doll Tibby

Hello, this is my first Tibby doll, I’m just learning, I’m interested in knowing your criticism and what needs to be done another time to make the doll look better?
What to look for in the revival of dolls?


Aww, she’s a cutie!

Maybe add more undertones or mottling?


thanks for the advice

You’ve got her in some really nice poses :slight_smile:


She reminds me of the little girl in the little golden books, do you know what I mean? If not, I’ll find a picture. I’m too new to have critiques but I like her!

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Nadin Tibby looks beautiful. I am new to reborning doing my first baby. The only suggestion will be a little blushing on top of her hands, same as u did inside her palms.

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She is very similar to the girl from the book.

Photo really does not show its painting🙂

On top of Matte varnish I’ll put more redness and blue and veins.
Can I do this?