My first baby reborn,what do you think?



Super cute!


How cute.




She is so precious! No way she is your first baby!


Thanks,If It’s My first baby reborn , I hope to continue improving haha


She looks good. Her hair looks so soft!




So cute!


Congrats on your first reborn!


very nice job


congrats on completing your first baby!! She is cute.


She looks great!


Cute and congratulations! How does it feel? You’re an artist and you’ve completed your baby. I hope to see more from you in the coming weeks.


Did you use a wig? I have only just now tried to do rooting. I find it very relaxing, provided the needle picks up the mohair! LOL When it starts being stubborn, I put it down for a bit. You baby is really awesome, I think, especially for a first reborn. Be proud of yourself, enjoy that feeling of accomplishment, and then get busy on the 2nd one! LOL


It’s not wig It’s My first rooting


I have to say I am so impressed with your rooting. Did you have instructional videos or something like that? I’d love to learn how to root much better. :slight_smile:


Good job, much better than my first, many years ago. There is so much more help and information now than when I started in 2002


Thank’s I’m still learning.I’ve seen many videos like for example customdollbaby she explains very good


She makes good videos. Especially for the realborn series.