My first babies


I’d like to do signature baby but don’t known how. Can anyone explain it to the computer illiterate? I have stuff in photobucket but can’t figure out the sigy?

This is the Taite that needs some color adjustments. I will do a yellow ochre wash as soon as I get my hobby room back. All my stuff is still in storage temporarily. I guess since I am trading a medium bedroom for a 1000 sq foot mulitpurpose room I should be more patient. I’m supposedly going to share this large space with three teenagers but since they rarely use the room I’m thinking of it as all mine. I have a secret weapon too. I plan on playing lots of country western music and I’m sure that will chase the little buggers back to their own rooms pronto…Don’t tell anyone!

Tayla, now Cory James and Taite now Karen Nicole are my first babies. I know I have so far to go but I am so excited about learning. I have 10 other kits too so I have lots to practice on! Now if I can just get the walls texturized and painted and the carpet laid soon I’m back in business…me and Reba that is. LOL


go to your photo bucket page. click ont he pic you want for your siggy.
then hit the edit and resize the picture to maybe medium…then when it finishes changing the size go to the bottom IMG code. click on it and then copy the code and paste it on you profile under signature i believe it is…

remember it is the IMG code…i know it sounds confusing…just have to go to it and try,then preview your pic before you hit send if it isnt big enough try a different size and vice versa…sure hoped that helped…



Congratulations on your first babies! I especially love your Tayla.


They are both sweet. It’ll be fun to have your own room, Juat play a lot of that western music, Especially when you see them coming.LOl

   Hugs Tina


Congrats on YOUR new room I love your tayla too!


Both of your babies are beautiful you did a great job.

I share my craft room 25x20ft with a grouchy 15yr old son and his annoying noisy computer games. He gets mad at me if I make any noise so Id say set a country western theme from day 1 and dont quit until they disappear you dont want them to get a foot in the door.

You have 4 teens at home and 10 grandchildren WOW! Bless you.


pretty babies, good job