My first AA ethnic baby

I hope she does ok on ebay.
I cant believe how hard it is to paint an ethnic baby, maybe I will get better if I do it more but I cussed alot LOL
Wish me luck ladies … :MESELX:IT

Oh my goodness she’s beautiful. I just might have to take up cussing if it produces a baby like that! You are very talented.

She is tdf. I love her coloring. Bol on her auction. Although you wont need it.

      Hugs Tina

She is just stunning! I love her hair. Funny, I never realized how fabulous Shyann looks as an ethnic baby, I think I like her best that way. I hope the auction does well, if I had the money I’d buy her.

Wow, She is just beautiful… Well done, you have done a fabulous job on her. I’m sure she will do well for you in her auction. BOL

Thank you FM, Lydia Tina and Ange

i knew she was gonna be a beautful baby before i even clicked the link!!

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Good Luck!!!

Oh, I hope she does good for you too. She is just absolutely beautiful. I know how hard it is to paint the ethnic colors and you did a wonderful job. Just amazing.

she is just beautiful, I love her… do you like susans hair better then slumberland? and your swirl on the head is perfect, I canot seem to get it just right, I have watched the videos and looked at the tutorials and still cant seem to get it quite right,

Was she a pink kit or peach? She is just gorgeous, what colors did you use and how many layers? please

She is BEAUTIFUL. I was planning to try to make my shyann an ethnic baby and now I have some wonderful insipiration! BOL on her auction

I was blown away by your auction! Not only is your baby perfect, down to every little detail, plus her hair is awesome…but your pictures & poses are the best!
I wish you luck on your auction but I’m sure you won’t need luck…she’ll sell on her merit!


She is just wonderful You did a great job cussing and all
The hair is TDF, the Skin tone’s, everything is just Great!!
Good Luck on your auction.

Oh I love her …she is fantastic!

She is beyond words!!! Stunning, fabulous, perfect in every way!!! I love her so much! You did an outstanding job! And her tutu jumper outfit is gorgeous!! She will do great for you, I’m positive!

Oh WOW!!! She is GORGEOUS! Makes me wish I had kept my Shyann. Bol with her but I’m sure you won’t need it.


OH my, she is stunning! Love everything about her! GREAT JOB!! BOL!!!

Wow!!! I cuss a lot while I am painting and mine don’t even compare!! She is beautiful!

She’s beautiful! Her lips are so realistic. BOL with her auction!!