My finished Kitten

I’m in love with him! He’s rooted with human hair and it’s so soft. He’s also a Barca fan. :wink:


Such a cutie!

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So cute! I have the quads that Kitten is a part of. I like the way I have seen a couple of them done lately. They give me inspiration for mine. :slight_smile: I had thought that maybe I could get them made for Spring/Easter, and that I would like to sew them all dresses alike, only in different pastel colors. :slight_smile: I love to make frilly baby dresses. Course, I am not able to do a lot of sewing lately… But I used to dress my daughter up really sweet for church and school. Then, my grand daughters got some things made for them by me. :slight_smile: I have no idea if I will get them done in time for all that, but we shall see.


I didn’t even know there were quads! :exploding_head:
I think you should definitely sew them dresses! It’s so much more special. I am a sew-a-holic but I’ve been putting it on the back burner since I’ve been reborning. I did just finish a Harry Potter quilt that I’ve had in the works for 2.5 years.

I don’t know that they were made to be quads, but I just call them that and they will be my quads. :slight_smile: I will post a picture of them. Ladybug, Kitten, Cookie and Cuddles. :slight_smile:


Wow! So cute!

He is so cute!! :heart_eyes:

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He is so precious!!!

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What a handsome fella!

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Love him!!!

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