My favorite way to advertise!


My sister and I both make reborn dolls. We had adorable t-shirts made with our logo and name on the back. When her town had their annual street fair, we donned our t-shirts and “babies” and walked up and down the street. We could only move a few feet before being surrounded by curious people! I so wish we could have had a camera following us. The reactions were so much fun! Our dolls were definitely the hit of the fair and we didn’t even have a booth. We had no intentions of selling that day, just advertising, but handed out over 200 cards and got 4 orders! Our dolls were the talk of the fair and we are still getting "likes’ on our Facebook page as a result. EVERYONE thought our dolls were real babies and we were even turned in to the Information booth for having such young babies out in the sun so long!! REMEMBER… if you try this, be very careful of the way you handle your doll in public as people DO think they are real and will be alarmed if they think a baby isn’t being treated properly.
We are going to our mom’s hometown this coming weekend. Can’t wait!


It sounds like you both had a ton of fun. Congrats on the orders.


What a great idea…I think I may work on a stencil for a t-shirt for me. I could just wear it and when people ask I could whip out my card and show some pics on my phone. I love that idea-thanks!!!


your phone pics would be too hard to see for some people, I think. Better to print pics and have a little photo album!


Having a little photo album is a great idea. I want to make one just for myself, then if someone asks me more about reborning, I can show them what I’m talking about. I’ve only shown the babies to a couple of neighbors who are friends and the chiropractor’s assistant who isn’t big on dolls. I’d love to meet a person who actually collected dolls…


That is a fantastic way to sell locally and let others in your area learn of your talents!


That is a great marketing idea. I’ve thought about doing custom onsies for my babies that have my website name or something. I like the T-shirt idea.


Oh! I love the idea of personalized “onsies”! Thanks!