My Extra Special Delivery

Cher and Stef reborned the Kmart berenguers for me. Here is a a photo adventure of me opening them as I talked on the phone 3-way with them. All I can say is I was overwhelmed with how precious and perfect they are. Each one had a surprise when I removed their diaper. One was a little boy nicknamed Boo, and his little thingy is so realistic I covered it up. Both have newborn navel cords. The little girl nicknamed Pumpkin, well see if you can tell what is in her diaper!

How sweet!

I think the other chocalotes are in the little pumpkins…maybe! LOL

Cher makes them you should see the little boy parts she made, looks equally as real. Pm me if interested. I make beautiful clothes and bodies and they love them so we are doing a trade, and they love me, too! I think you could call us cyber soul friends!

Nightngale you made me giggle. Those babies are so cute. What a nice trade.