My Extra Special Delivery

Cher and Stef reborned the Kmart berenguers for me. Here is a a photo adventure of me opening them as I talked on the phone 3-way with them. All I can say is I was overwhelmed with how precious and perfect they are. Each one had a surprise when I removed their diaper. One was a little boy nicknamed Boo, and his little thingy is so realistic I covered it up. Both have newborn navel cords. The little girl nicknamed Pumpkin, well see if you can tell what is in her diaper!

OOOOHHHH they are so cute. Funny Stef and Cher filling up their diapers with surprises. lol
I want a baby in the mail boo hoo.

How sweet!

They’re adorable! Congratulations!

they sure are cute,

hmmmm seems there is a chocolate missing… LOL They are adorable.

I think the other chocalotes are in the little pumpkins…maybe! LOL

awwww…they are really cuties!!

that was so sweet of them! What did you do to rate two great friendships

OH which one of them made the navel cords…i would love to get one from them for photo props. they did a fantastic job on them.

Cher makes them you should see the little boy parts she made, looks equally as real. Pm me if interested. I make beautiful clothes and bodies and they love them so we are doing a trade, and they love me, too! I think you could call us cyber soul friends!

What a perfectly sweet package you got!!!

Nightngale you made me giggle. Those babies are so cute. What a nice trade.

cute! thanks for sharing with us!