My experience with thinning medium vs. mineral spirits

Ok, so remember some days ago I asked the question what’s the difference and got some pretty good insight. A couple girls were saying how they used the thinning medium for things like lips, nails, eyebrows…one lady, and I’m SOOO sory I can’t remember who it was right now, put it best when she said, basically, for an artist who does it’s work on, say a canvas, the thinning medium would thin their paints, but for us, it thickens it a bit, if we maybe thin too much with spirits or something. THANK YOU girls, for the advice! I used both tonight and saw the difference for myself and you couldn’t have been more right about using it for eyebrows and nails especially! It was amazing on the lips too!! For the skin layers, I’d have to agree, the spirits is probably best, but the thinning medium made a WORLD of difference when I tried to apply the eyebrows!!! Just thought I’d throw this out there for anyone else who may be wondering

I think that description came from me, because I had a difficult time getting all the terminology straight in my little pea brain! Actually, it made me (a newbie) feel pretty good that I could advise someone else for a change; glad it worked out for you!

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I work with thinning med my lips, nail, eyebrows and also to give shadows to the skin tone, I like for this particular places the thinning med. better than thinner.

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Marlen, when you mention “shadows” do you mean that you use thinner when doing your ceases and wrinkles too? You are always such a huge help to all of us new to reborning. Thanks!