My ethnic Janine

Here is a picture of my ethnic Janine. I posted more pictures of her over in the “other reborns” section.

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Oh wow Gina I LOVE her!

She is absolutely stunning Gina!!

Wow you did a wonderful job on her! Just gorgeous!!


She is beautiful Gina as always you have done a top notch job on her.
Some day I am going to have one of your ethnic babies.

VERY pretty Gina, very good coloring, lips, and adorable outfit.

She turned out sweet Gina. I’m thinking of doing my Lexi as an AA.

Beautiful as usual!

Everything about her is just lovely; your choice of sculpt, the painting, the rooting, the hairstyle, the setting and your photography. The full length picture of her is perfect.

She’s beautiful! I love her lips!

gasp OMG Gina she is perfect…just beautiful

she sure is beautiful,

Gina, very clever choice of this sculpt as AA, the lips are amaizing, all you baby is beautiful! Congratulations!

Awwww I love her Gina, she is adorable!

Thank you ladies!!! I do love her. I will be putting her on my website for sale for a month or so and then I think I will bite the bullet and give ebay a try.

Aww Gina she is absolutely stunning.

  Hugs Tina

Very nice work, Gina! I just love her!

Gorgeous baby. She’s amazing!

Wow Gina! she is just adorable. I love her coloring and her hair. She just looks so sweet. Where did you get those shoes for her?