My ethnic Janine - Now Libbie Sue

Here is my ethnic Janine aka Libbie Sue. I was going to put her on ebay but think I will hold off and put her for sale on my website for a month or so.


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She is beautiful!

She’s beautiful, Gina. I love her coloring. Her lips look so realistic.

Beautiful, I love her color.

she is beautiful…just beautiful…

I saw your post in Baby Talk, and had to come see the additional pics… She is adorable! You really know what you are doing, Gina. Not just your reborning skills, but how to make AA babies look real. Congratulations on another beautiful baby!

wow, she is fantastic Gina, Great work I do not think you will have any problem selling her. wowie

Oh she is so cute I just love her as an AA baby!!

She is adorable.

Hugs tina

I did Jannie but it not as good as your .She is beauitful ,I love that baby

Gina, she is PERFECT!!!Love the coloring and your
Ethnic babies always have such beautiful hands.

Gina, she is beautiful! What a great job you did with her!

She is the best Janine I’ve seen. She very pretty.

Gina she is beautiful

Thank you soo much ladies. She did sell and to a wonderful lady that I know will love her as much as I do.

I dunno foxmom. Romie’s was GORGEOUS!!!

gorgeous Janine. I haven’t done mine yet…where is all the extra time I need? hahaha Congratulations on her sale. You do beautiful babies!