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Here is my entry to the contest. I am having major trouble navigating this new BB forum format(and honestly I really preferred the old one since it was so much more user friendly) but that’s besides the point. I truly hope this is the place to do my entry because I can’t find any other place to “reply” to the thread. Anyway I Love love LOVE these new kits! All 3 of them!! And I look forward to seeing any future ones too. I would be thrilled and honored to win one of these 3 kits and I hope I do(although I know my chances are slim just like everyone else’s since you have hit the jackpot and everyone and their uncle(literally!) wants these kits! lol!) Anyway I am off to finish entering by clicking on the email out of stock thingy. Thanks for this opportunity!!! <3 <3 <3


I think that winning a realborn kit would be an amazing opportunity to be a part of the ground breaking advances made for this art form. You have been able to capture the most realistic features that show case what our technology is capable of. As an artist I would be honored to have one of these babies in my nursery.

I’ve bought many reborn babies since I found them on ebay over the past year. I recently bought a kit and paint and created one for myself and absolutely loved it ! Bountiful Baby is now my favorite site ! These new kits are beautiful and I have to have one. I have never won anything but if I’m lucky I will be able to buy one. Thank you BB.

I can’t wait to see how the RealBorns compare to the artists sculpts - so far from what I’ve seen, they are amazing!

I would love to win one of these precious babies because I would love a chance to work with this new medium. I think they are adorable, and have been trying the techniques on the forum for a while. I would love to see how these would turn out … so much fun to create a truly lifelike baby.
Thank you for giving us a chance to win one!
Thank you Pia for clarifying for me, too!

@TracyJ It is actually just a head and limbs, unless you are referring to the presentation box and COA?

One of the realborn to reborn, with my Technique, think this is an absolute hit.
You will be amazed when they see my pictures of the Reaborn Babies.

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