My Emmy!

He was trouble but I think he turned out cute!!


Oh wow I guess I didn’t realize how big this kit was and here I was real excited for 3 year June. kinda nervous now! :joy::joy:Your version is so sweet! :two_hearts:

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He’s a cute little man. I bet he is fun to dress!

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He is really big!

He is. My niece is so frustrated because I keep changing him and it’s her doll lol

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He is so cute!

You did an excellent job! I told you you have talent! :slight_smile: Anyway, I am sure your niece is so pleased with him – if you would just STOP dressing him! LOLOL

Looks like he needs bigger eyes. Those are gappy.

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That’s what I thought too. Those are the recommended size but I agree that they look to small. She won’t let me take him apart though.

This kid is huge!! I just got her kit, and holy wow!!! <3


Fun to paint though! Even though mine was stubborn.

What size does she wear??

12-18 up to 2t depending on how you want it to fit and the brand. Keep in mind he is on the bigger side of 12-18 and stuff that is only 12 months doesn’t fit well.