My Dominic **pic heavy**


I finished this little guy up yesterday. Thank you to @Reefbubbles for the amazing hat! I think it suits him well. :blush:


Very cute!


He sure is adorable!


Wow!! He’s spectacular!! I love his hat also! I bought from her…cutest things lol :slight_smile: I reborned Dom months ago and still no one wants him. So sad.


So adorable! Dominic is one of my favorites.


He is so beautiful :heart_eyes: all boy too! Nice hair painting hope to learn some day. Dominic is my favorite sculpt to date! The hoodie looks so cute too​:heart_eyes:


Really? I love Dominic. I’m surprised yours hasn’t sold. I actually did a poll on my Facebook page to see who my followers wanted to see me paint next and they picked him.


I love him too. Mine isn’t anywhere near your’s lol


He is an absolutely precious little boy love the hat and I love his hair!


How sweet and he does look so cute in that little hat. :heart:


Thank you everyone for the sweet comments. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Too Cute! Great job on him.


He’s darling and his hat is soooo CUTE! :blue_heart:


Thank you everyone!