My Derrick by Tamie Yarie

Oh I love him Brenda …he looks fantastic!

He’s precious I love Yarie babies, can’t go wrong with any of those kits

wow he is adorable…beautiful baby

I am going to have to try painted hair, I am really liking it on some babies. Great job on him.

What a sweetheart! Great job!

He is such a handsome little boy. That’s a neat story, Feels sooo good when you can fool people.

      Hugs Tina

I think he is adorable. I may need to get that kit!

How sweet, he’s beautiful!

Beautiful. Great painted hair. Joe

You did a great job! My first reborn that I adopted on ebay was a Derrik, made into a little girl, Dianna. Looks like she’s peacefully sleeping!

he is gorgeous, love him.

He is stunning and I just love his mottled skin and wow his hair. great work
Hugs Cherry

Super job on him. He DOES look real!