My daughters first reborn ( I ADDED PICTURES!)

I have a nine year old daughter who just loves watching me create my newborns… All she wanted for Christmas is a kit so she could make one herself… So for Christmas I bought us both Gena Kits and after washing them we did our first layer of skin tone she was so cute taking her time… I am for sure going to share pictures of the process when I am done… I am such a lucky mom to have such a creative daughter… Merry Christmas everyone I hope you had a safe and happy Holiday

(((( Okay so she did about 20 layers of paint and she rooted for 7 1/2 hours she did just wonderful))))

This is so exciting! Be sure and post pics so we can see!

Such a lucky Mom, and a lucky little girl who has a Mom like you!

We are starting on veining She is so nervous


Ohh so sweet, She looks like she Loves her baby so much. She did an excellent job on her baby!

Your daughter did a fabulous job and you are so lucky to have a daughter who shares the same interests!

Wow!!! What a GREAT job she did!! That’s an impressive first reborn for an adult, never mind for a young person…congrats to the young artist!!!

She did a beautiful job! I see a future reborner.

She already wants me to buy her another kit so that she can reborn it and sell it… She has it all figured out. Sell one for $200 then she can make 4 more with that money… Sell those for 200 each and she can make 16 more. Hahaha I told her I wish it was that easy!!! I did tell her if she saves money up I will let her make another she has been doing lots and lots of chores this past week

Oh my goodness…she did great work for a 9 year old!

Hope she’s able to get another kit soon!