My daughters 2nd reborn

Hi everyone, after a long break for college my daughter Kayla is back to reborning. Please cheer her hispanic/latin “Joey” on.

Thanks everyone!

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Yes he is… Here is the link.


Thanks for the nice complaments-it is so cute… her and her boy friend spent all day reborning togeather-he LOVES it and is actually very good !!!He is working on a kyra and Kayla is working on a lucy -me ? I am doing a sweet fairy baby who will be rooted with lovely lite blue hair !!!

I have to say that is one of the cutest Joeys I’ve seen. I like him with a lot of hair.

Oh Kayla will be so happy to hear that -this is only her 2ond baby and I think she did very well -I sure hope he sells for her they really need the money right now -Boy dont we all!!!

Yea!!! Kaylas baby sold for 152.00 This was her very 1st e-baby and a Joey -who is not a real big seller -Yes I am proud !!!Her and Joe are working on a lucy and A kyra now and its so cute watching them reborn togeather -they are thinking of trying sculpting also!!!