My Daughter, Then and Now


My daughter’s 16th birthday is approaching and these wonderful pictures popped up in my Facebook feed. It was her 12th birthday and she was recovering from a ruptured appendix and 2 weeks in intensive care with sepsis. I was so grateful that she was alive. She’s holding her first reborn, a birthday gift that I ordered for her. He’s the little guy that started it all. These are pictures from the exact day that I fell in love with reborns and decided to learn how to make them. She has moved on to other interests, but I’m still here making babies!


How awesome - Happy birthday soon !


Oh how time flies! She’s a beautiful young lady. Happy birthday :gift::birthday:


Beautiful daughter she looks like she is as sweet on the inside as she is on the outside :heart: Happy Birthday to her!!! :birthday:


They are precious kids no matter what age they are .
Thanks for sharing , I love to see our real " babies "




Happy birthday sweet 16!


I think she looks like you. :slight_smile: She is a pretty girl.


Happy Sweet 16!!


Sweet story. Glad she’s better. Glad she got you interested. Happy birthday to her