My Custom Order **Pooky**

She is on her way to her new Mommy!! She wanted it to look similar to one I just recently sold on Ebay

Awww! She’s beautiful! I love her blue eyes and blonde hair; they go so well together!

She’s really beautiful. How do you guys get such beautiful hair styled so realistically? Mine comes out more frizzy than I like.

Did you use a straight mohair for her?


Thank you! I use wavy mohair!!!

Aww She is soo pretty! I would love to get a Pooky doll kit one day!

Thank you!!!

What gorgeous blue eyes!

I want to pinch her little cheeks!!

Thank you!!!

too darn CUTE! Love her hair too!

Thank you Donna!

She is beautiful, her new mommie is going to love that baby sooo much.

Hugs Tina

Thank you Tina!!