My custom is all done what do you think?!

He is just darling. Those eyebrows are awesome!

He is cute

he is a cutie

LOVE all that hair

Love his coloring and head of hair! Such a cutie! Mom should be proud!

he is so cute, his hair and eyebrows look great, i am sure his new mommy will love him for sure


I love his skin color and his hair is adorable! The new mommy will love him!

He is SUCH A CUTIE!!! His expresion and hair makes me laugh. Fantastic job!!! I always have wonderd if anyone has rooted eyebrows. I have been thinking about doing it in the future. I rooted for the 1st time today so I have A LONG way to go before I would feel good about doing the eyebrows. Thank’s for showing me it can be done and done very well.

Looks great. I have never rooted eyelashes. I bet it was a lot of work?