My Bountiful Angel in progress

HI everyone including the wonderful ladies who donated parts, Thank you Mimi for your donation of new eyes.
Here is Lilly in progress. Just finished rooting her lightly. Her eyes are too small and wiggling around like googly eyes like in the old teddy bears lol.I will have to get larger eyes or stuff them in the back and hope they stay put.

Well do you think the residents at the nursing home will like her? Im so afraid of not making her good enough. I dont want the relatives and staff rolling their eyes behind my back.

I’m wondering if the newspaper would come take pics when I deliver her it would be good publicity for our start up organization- Bountiful Angels.
I cant wait for Christmas I want to give it for Thanksgiving.
Hugs Debi

I know they will just love her. She is so cute, but I would change the eyes out for a larger size. She looks a little stunned to me, but other than that her coloring and hair is great!

You think the eyes make her look stunned lol. Like a deer in the head lights.
Hi Mimi I measured them and the eyes are 20mms. I believe they are berenguer eyes.
The pic makes her look very dark red she is actually lighter pink.

She is adorable…I could not see any reason why you could not make your donation around thanksgiving. Christmas time always get so busy. They may actually apreciate her more now. JMO

Thank you Denise,

I get intimidated by all the beautiful babies you experts make.

oh my, I am flattered…me an expert…still a ways to go before I say expert…but thank-you.

WHAT A CUTIE!!! She will represent Bountiful Angels wonderfully!!! Someday Robin and I will make reborns for the nursing home my Grandma was in. We can’t wait to do some work for Bountiful Angles.

Thank you very much Amber for your compliments.

My mother in law is in the nursing home now unfortunately.

Love your little Tyler.

Oh Mimi you are a sweetheart, yes thank you those would be great.
Pm me with the price and I’ll send you my address.

Ps and as usual you have done it again your siggy is adorable.

I think a dark gray would look great on her. =]

Debi, I am thrilled! She looks wonderful! The nursing home will love her! I’ll be looking forward to pictures and a story to post on the Bountiful Angels site!

I’m sorry I didn’t see your post sooner - I’ve been so busy making babies and working on other projects. After I sent you the box of supplies, I got a very generous donation from Nonie’s Angels Nursery, and she sent a large assortment of eyes. Thank you, Mimi, for filling in that need for us, since I wasn’t paying attention! (Oops!) I will make you a logo as soon as I can.

I sent messages out to the other people who expressed interest in making donation babies, but still have not heard back from them.
Amber, when you are ready to make a donation baby, send me a PM and I will let you know what supplies are available.

Thank you everyone who has helped both Debi and I with our donation babies! We’re off to a good start!

What a great thing to do! I just visited your website. That’s amazing.