My Birthday Present for my adopted grandmother

When I was in middle school about 12 years ago we had an adopted grandmother that came there and helped out in the classes and I just loved her since I met her, and we have kept in touch ever since them. She always wants to see every reborn I make so I took my Honey that I made and was going to keep for myself to show her and she fell in love with him so I decited to give him to her on her 85th birthday. She had know idea that I was going to give him to her. She was so suprized she named him Jeremiah after her grandson that died. She said it was the best birthday present that she has every gotten. She told me that she has taken him out to eat, to chruch, and to other places with her. Her name is Inez and she is blind in one eye. I’m so glad she likes him. Here are some pictures that I took of her when I gave him to her.

That was so sweet of you, she looks so happy in those photos thanks for sharing them with us

That is such a sweet story you both are very lucky to have each other.
She looks so happy with her new baby.

What a great gift. Sweet photos.

Awww, that was very nice of you!! She looks absolutely thrilled

That was a wonderful thing for you to do! I bet you are as happy as she is about the Bday Present!

She looks very happy with him! How sweet!

Aww! She looks so happy! It was nice of you to give him to her.

That is just wonderful!!! Great to hear a heartwarming story
She look’s so happy!!!

Wow, she looks so happy with her new baby.

Wow, she looks great for 85 !!! You can feel the love in those photos. Bless your heart for making her so happy… (best gift in 85 birthdays, that say a LOT !!!)

What a beautiful gift for her. I bet you made her special day, extra special…

That’s the kind of love that makes the world go 'round!!

Those pictures say it all ! What a precious lady and what a precious gift.

You are a blessing!

Your story warmed my heart!

That is sooo neat, and she looks so happy. What a great birthday present.

 Hugs Tina

Thanks eveyone I’m so happy yall liked the pictures.

What a great thing to do! Giving is the best part, isn’t it? Thanks for the pics!