My Bindi, finally together!

She’s so cute! I wish I would have gotten one. I love her shirt.

oh how cute…i want one soo bad…was this the already painted…? i know their having the deal today and i wanted one soo bad…bindi is what i want too…but i have to wait u7ntil next month and i’ll have to pay full price…but she is worth is…
i have the kit here of her undone…i bought it…then realized they had them already painted…i’d much rather have the already painted…now i just got her kit here…not sure what to do about that…lol…

Too cute Reena! Shall I give you my address to send her to?

Can you post a photo of her without the diaper on? I am considering ordering one and I want to see how the legs look on the body to try to determine if I could make my own body.

LOL, Okay!

I know what you are all talking about but the way the text reads on BB it sounded like it was at a different angle or something. I also would prefer mine to have a brown body.

— Begin quote from ____

Primates have legs that set differently than real human legs do. The legs on this body are specially designed for our primate Orangutans Binki and Bindi!

— End quote

Got the PM. Yea, well the baby’s legs all seem to bow out a bit in certain positions on that type body too to me.
I think I am going to buy one and try making my own body since it will be just for me anyways.