My Beesley ❤️ Manor Elf


Here’s my Beesley- I hope he sells because I want to make another one to keep but it was too expensive to keep, I hope you like him, I absolutely LOVE him and I wish to have all 3 of the Manor Elves!
Thanks for looking!


So cute!




He’s so cute!


I love his little scrunchy, wrinkly face. Great job on him. :blush:


LOVE him!!


Did you crochet those pillow slip type clothe he has on? Do you sell them if you did?Your elf is perfect!


Very cute!
I wonder when mine is going to show up?


He looks fantastic!!!


Thank you and yes!


Thank you! I ordered mine from Macphersons


I ordered mine on Once so Real…they probably aren’t here in Europe yet. Sometimes we get kits first and sometimes they get them in the US and Canada first. Like I have my Flynn and am half way finished with him and I saw on Mac’s that they are just now shipping.


How much do you charge for those little dress/pillow case thingys?


The first thing to come to my mind was “Wow! She is an awesome artist!” Because I know how hard it is to get those creases, and boy, does he have creases! I shouldn’t say I know, because I am still struggling to get there. Great work!


I’m not sure! Will let you know :slight_smile:


I got my Flynn from Macs a week or two ago. :wink:


Thank you.


Ive had mine about three weeks so I think they came out a tiny bit sooner here. Why does it say they are shipping soon on Macphersons? Anyway, I think I want another one, he’s so easy to paint, and so cute. This one is a custom.


I thought I had 2 payments left on my Bipsey. But I just went to check. I only owed $36 still. So I paid him off so I can hurry up and get him. All 3 of these little manor elves are precious. I wish I could afford all 3 at the same time. :heart_eyes:


He looks fantastic !