My baby looks grey

I think my baby looks grey and lifeless. I’ve put so many layers and washes baby skin, primary colors, even burnt umber and sienna and still seems to be grey. Any tips or thoughts? Greatly appreciated

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Doesn’t look grey to me but if you want to add more “life” I would do some more pinks and reds. I’d stop with burnt umber, that will only darken the baby and probably add to the problem.

Maybe try a pastel yellow wash. Make sure It’s a water color consistency, too much yellow looks bad but it brings so much life to the skin!

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Thank you, I will give it a try!

Oh, I even did yellow and a bit of pink.

This is the first kit I’ve had this issue with. I’ve used the same basic techniques on my others and they came out wonderful!

Well one time I had a baby that looked kind of gray and what I ended up doing was a flesh 08 wash and it livened her up a lot!

I will give it a try. Anything to get some life into her! Thanks.

Did you do any mottling?

I personally think blushing will bring her to life .

Yes. This kit seems to not take colors very well.

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I hope so!

Yeah, some tend to be like that.

Yes and the coloring just seems to not take to the kit well.

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If this was my baby, I would do some kind of warm red wash and go from there.

Like crimson?

This is in natural light. Any suggestions? Color tone?

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I would do a few red and pink mottle layers, darken the eye creases and nostrils with purples also the eye lid with light purple then blush the cheeks a bit with more reddish pinks and the philtrum, nose, chin, palms, soles, finger and toe tips


How do you do fingers and toes without the paint pooling in the nail bed creases?

Does anyone get kits that when you paint, these tiny imperfections show up? Big toe. Also small pin holes I find in some of the toes and paint pools into it and makes it look like a bunch of small dark freckles.

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