My baby Honey, now Paula

She is Paula!

Very pretty baby!

Thank you very much!!!

Wow! She’s gorgeous!

Thank you very much!

she is very very pretty,

Thank you very much!

OH how pretty she is. I actually dont like her with blond hair, but yours is so sweet.

She is soooo pretty.

Hugs Tina

Wow she is precious! Love her hair too.

She’s so pretty and her colouring is great.

Thank you very much!
Karen,Ladyks,Julie,Tina,Lori and Tracey;You are all very kind and lovely.

She’s adorable! I love her coloring!

You did a great job on this beauty!

thank you very much!!!

— Begin quote from “JubileeJ”

She is beautiful!

— End quote

Julie, love your babies…looks like you’ve been busy!