My baby arrived! and he is just BEAUTIFUL!

Thank you soooooooo much!!! I don’t know who made him…but he is the most beautiful baby boy!!!
I love him!!! I named him Jason Luis…which was suppose to be my babies name but she turned out to be a girl…My seventeen year old going on 30!!! This is the son I always wanted LOL!!!
Here are some pics

                            Thank you!!!! I can't put him down and I am in love!!!

                                                                   Big Hugs Evelyn

Oh Evelyn, he is beautiful! I just love this sculpt! So happy for you!

Thanks!! Which scuplt is he?

Very sweet baby boy! Congratulations!!!

That looks like Gena…HE is adorable…you are a very lucky ‘mom’!

Please let us know if you made this gorgeous baby…we want to congratulate you too!!!

Oh Evelyn! Words cannot express how happy I am for you! He is just so sweet and precious! You sound like you are over the moon in love with him and I can totally see why! Congratulations, Mommy!

That beautiful baby looks like the work of Katy86. Katy???

He is stunning and I love the bald look for him!

I thought he might have been Katy’s too!! Good job!!

— Begin quote from “luv2Lrn”

He is beautiful!!! I love him. :0) What sculpt is this?

— End quote

Katy says it is Gena by Michelle Fagan (currently out of stock)… He is cute…

Katy, I think it’s hilarious I recognized your work! That baby had your signature all over it! (Or at least somewhere?) Beautiful job. Wish I had participated, all the babies are so beautiful. Thank you Pia, for calling her on it!