my babies

For years Ive wanted to show my babies but couldnt figure it out, until now… my husband asked me one day if id ever thought about doing a toddler, and now hes created a monster lol. these are my forever babies( I only have11 lol) what do you think? and by the way doesnt ladybug make an adorable boy?

That’s an adorable ‘family’ you have…I LOVE Ladybug as a boy.

So glad you got to show your babies and Yes, I love Ladybug as a boy too. They are all adorable.

Thank you Ladies, they are so much fun, even my husband and daughter love buying them clothes. they have more shoes than they have

Theyre beautiful and thank you for sharing !

so very cute!

Adorable family! Isn’t shopping for them fun?!!!

It sure is, plus I get all my grandbabies handme downs. mine never outgrow