My babies

For years Ive wanted to show my babies but couldnt figure it out, until now… my husband asked me one day if id ever thought about doing a toddler, and now hes created a monster lol. these are my forever babies( I only have11 lol) what do you think? and by the way doesnt ladybug make an adorable boy?

Love your babies and I like ladybug as a boy too! I haven’t gotten to that big size yet…

Ladybug does make a cute boy!

Yes she does, I have yet to get up the nerve to do a big baby!

thank you all for your kind words. I didn’t think Id ever do a big baby either, but you know what ? Now Id rather do them than the smaller ones. plus they are so much fun to buy clothes for and to play with. lol

Your babies are adorable.