My attempt at making a reborn to look like my own son


this is a Noo Noo sculpt. I put the little white outfit on it…which is what my son wore at age 4 weeks to have his portrait made in. The pic below is my son at age 6 weeks (he’s 13 now)…(sorry the photo of my reborn is a little dark it has been raining here for two weeks!)


Yeah, way to go. I does look like him.


That is such a good likeness, spot on I would say…especially the colouring, Great work. X


thank you both!! ;0)


wow, they sure do look alike, great job


WOW what a wonderful match, just perfect!


Awesome job. Both are cuties!


What a great match! Good job on him.


Wow that is a great match. He is adorable.

  Hugs Tina


wow that is a perfect match! Great job!


You’ve captured the likeness. Great job!


I agree with everybody - great match and great job!


WOW… thats so similar its scary! ITs an amazing! You did a WONDERFUL job! Im blown away by how exact they are!


Very good likeness. I would have to display a pictue of your son in front of that baby so anyone who comes to visit can ooh and ahh over the likeness. You did an excellent job of reborning.


thanks to everyone!


Wow, that is truely an amazing likeness. It’s as if Romie used your son’s photo for the sculpt… Great job!


I could hardly tell the difference. You have done a fantastic job. Well done…