My Angelina Jolie lots of pictures

Lol that what my husband call her lol maybe I call her Angie hahah.I just finish her and put her together.So the light suck I will get some better picture this coming week just couldnt wait to show her.Hope you like her if you see anything wrong let me know.Sorry the picture is overload


She is just beautiful , you must be so proud of her

Everything about her is amazing even her outfit she is terrific.!
I’d say she is a thousand dollar baby.

Great Job!!! Are you selling her ?? I will be cheering her on if you list her



thanks lady i am really proud of her and so happy i finially finish her.yes she will be going to ebay this coming week or so thank you so much for the nice comments.some say i should redo the eyebrows not sure if i sure.thanks again

She is beautiful …very nice job… Sherrie

I love her, She came out beautiful!!
Its not picture overload, I would actually love to see more pics of her
Great job, she is really a beauty!!

I think her eyebrows look ok I wouldnt change her.