My $5.00 market find for my dolls

Love it! I love finding deals and you found a great one. Congrats Can’t wait to see it all prettied up.

I think it’s a great $5 find

I love it,

That’s a great find! Congratulations!

I love it that is a great find.
What kind of market did you go to?

wow, great find!! You did great

That is awesome. I saw one at Ross that was $30.

Super deal!

It looks marvelous. If it is under 20 inches long you got a good deal. If it is between 20-23 you got a great deal. If it is 24 or over that is a fantastic deal and I will pay you a bunch of bucks to buy it - no fabric liner needed. This could create a bidding war.

I’m happy for you no matter what the size - it is a really lovely basket.

Wow what a find. Can’t wait to see it when your all done with it

Hugs tina

Wow, what a lovely basket, please show us pictures when you have completed it. I love a bargain.

Oh my G-- it is so cute TDF. I never find anything like that.