My 3rd reborn...Thoughts? Lots of Pics


This is my 3rd reborn and I am working on others, but I am always looking for ways to improve. I think reborning was meant for me. I mean where else can I play with babies all day long and indulge in all the baby shopping without being like mother hubbard. I love babies sooo much and I truly want to improve on my painting. If noone wants to buy them that okay with me bc, I will just fill my house with them. It may not be okay for my husband though lol, because he is paying for my exploits. Anyways, here is my Fei Yen. I said boy, my husband said girl, so therefore she became a girl. Some pictures were taken with my daughter’s Canon. Others with Iphone and some in daylight. Critiques, Advice, Any help is welcome. I went through Army Basic Training so I can take anything thrown my way. I understand that the best way to learn is to keep doing, but it helps to have others check your work, bc it helps you improve and you won’t continue to make the same mistakes.
Apologies in advance, bc I am probably going to load you down with lots of pics. But you all have the best eyes :blush:


She is absolutely beautiful. I personally would have added more blushing to the palms and the bottom of the feet. But I tend to like a lot of color on my dolls.


Thanks, I thought so too, it seems to have faded after baking. Any suggestions on how i can keep it from fading? Maybe apply thicker or towards the end of painting?


First off, I love the hair! It looks great!
The doll looks a bit on the orange side to me, but that could be lighting. I’d personally blush more. Don’t be afraid to add more color!
You’re off to a good start, though. My first few were horrid. XD


I did have a problem trying to get the color in my head on the doll hahaa. I tried adding blue to counteract the color, but It seemed to make that color more pronounced n I was like girl you better stop while you’re ahead LOL. I re-reading post on how to keep that from happening and when it does how to fix it. I have 2 I’m working on being more proactive with color :joy: THANKS!!


Impressive for only your 3rd! I agree with needing more color on the palms and soles of feet, also the fingertips. I wish I could advise you on the fading after baking, but I use air dry paints. I do know that curing and sealing can lessen the intensity of paints so it is ok to go a little bolder than you think it needs.
The orange can be toned down by doing several very watered down/thinned washes of the opposing color on the color wheel. I totally get the fear, especially with blue since it is known for staining and being nearly impossible to fix.
I do however, want to compliment your rooting! Gorgeous!! You are off to an amazing start


I thought you could probably add some more thin layers of color on the lips as well, like some pinkish- purple colors. As far as palms and soles of feet, i’ve Seen some artists paint the color on and sponge off to make it more intense, but I use air dry


@Ledbetterlittles ty I didn’t know that those processes could lessen the intensity. I just purchased a color wheel so I am hoping it can help me correct, and I’ve always been afraid of the blue staining. My second kit was stained so bad, I had to try to correct with birthmarks and oxy :scream: and ty this is the second head I’ve rooted, so I still hav a ways to go.
@LisaLynn… I had a time with getting the lip color to show up, I will definitely step it up a notch when it comes to adding color. Paint on and sponge off is a great idea :slight_smile:


I can’t really do that technique with air dry- it dries too fast so I always sponge on. Maybe it would help with getting more coloring on your feet and hands though. You could always test on a practice piece😊


Great 3rd baby! I think the eyebrows may be a touch too high (at least it looks that way in some pics). They should fall right on the brow bone rather than above it. She’s adorable!


Thank you😊 I always had issues with figuring out the brow bone. I have Silvia’s eyebrow tutorial that I’m practicing with on this next baby.


I’m working on my third baby. It’s a learning process, for sure…you will see improvements with every doll! I am thankful for the ideas/critics say from well established artists :slight_smile:

You did an awesome job with her hair! I’m still showing too many thick plugs


I’ll be starting my first reborn soon. Can I just say yours is a huge inspiration! That rooting is amazing!


Thank you :blush: