My 2nd reborn Ava Raine

Hi guys. This is my second baby. She was a Christmas present for my 15yr old neice. This is the kit she fell in love with & she loves her. Walks around kissing her head all the time lol so I guess it worked out. Let me know what you think of her & where I could improve. I talked about her on another post (vinyl frustration) & her shininess really bothers me. Lots of coats of matte varnish didn’t help. There were other issues too. Oh and I rooted her eyelashes. Someone said they’re too long & I Agree after looking at pictures.

Sooo what do you all think? … 842738.jpg … 842739.jpg … 842735.jpg … 842818.jpg
***below pics aren’t great but show hair & belly plate … 842819.jpg … 842872.jpg … 842873.jpg

Yeah she is a bit shiny but gorgeous otherwise. Any idea what made her so shiny?

Thanks ladies! She was just difficult Andrea. I did 4 or 5 coats of genesis Matte varnish & it didn’t touch that shine. Other people had lots of problems with that kit too. It’s thin & collapsed several times. It’s also got a plastic feel & sounds hollow if you thump it. I know I’m new but it did not impress me.
I’m much happier with my first & third babies.
Thanks for the feedback. I always want advice so I can keep learning!