My 2nd Levi


He’s beautiful! His hands blow me away!


Thank you all so much!!!
@coastalcuties I made an April for my favourite customer who now owns 10 of my babies, she wanted a red head so I used HP Babylocks red hair, Ill post a pic. She wants me to make her a Levi now and I was looking at a post about what colour Levi’s hair should be, on FB, and a lot of people liked red so I asked her if she wants her Levi to have red hair, she does :wink: . Guess we will both be making red head Levi’s

@YelenaRey I think your babies are amazing considering you just started out, Im blown away by your talent!

Here is the back of miss April’s head, can’t wait to do the red headed Levi


Thank you so much for your kind words!


It’s gorgeous !


oh I LOVE that hair! it’s the perfect shade of red! what a cutie!