My 2nd Levi


Here is my second Levi…I wish I would not have rooted more hair on the top of his head but live and learn…other than that, Im pretty happy :slight_smile:


He’s really sweet! I just got a pic of my Levi in his new home a few days ago, this kit is pretty popular! Was he a custom or is he for sale?


I just listed him on Reborns :slight_smile:
I have a custom order for a Levi now though so Ill be making my 3rd :wink:


He has beautiful details! I love his hair!


Thank you :blush:
I hope he finds a parent soon.


So sweet!!


Here is the back of his hair…I posted a picture on the WIP thread and it looked really good but I wanted it to be thicker…anyway, I liked it better the way it was but now you can do more with it. You can brush it to the side, pull it down into a curl or pull bangs down as well. You can also make a little mohawk.


So this pic is the hair before you added more?


Nope, after…here is the first one


Looks amazing both ways, no real wrong at least. I think he will adopt fast. And it is a popular kit to boot!


Beautiful i love this sculpt, sure he will sell no worries :wink:


So cute!!!


Thank you, I hope so :blush:


Oh my goodness, how SWEET! :blue_heart: He’ll be gone in a flash!


He’s lovely :blue_heart:


Lil, I know I have said it before, but your painting amazes me! I am not sure how you do it with your health issues. You are just one talented lady! Beautiful baby.


@lil Hi is AMAZING! I was admiring him this morning on Reborns and even show him to my hubby because he thinks that my work is the best :wink: .
His hands coloring just blows my mind and want me to switch from Genesis to airdry.
You are so talented, April! And knowing that you do it even despite your body pain make me to admire and respect your work even more! Just AMAZING!


he’s precious!
I’m painting my 2nd Levi now!
my customer requested “bright red Lucille Ball hair” LOL…the hair is going to be painted.


Love that little hand! It looks so real! And the hair looks great! He will sell quickly I’m sure!


I love how you do your fingers and nails!!