My 1990’s portrait baby


I was at my parents’ house and thought I’d snap a pic of my own portrait baby that my Grandma had made for me in 1993. She’s porcelain and was hand painted by an artist, but I’m not sure who the artist was or which picture was used. Anyway, here is “Baby Alycia.” If I am ever over at my Aunt’s house and think to ask… there is also a “Baby Matthew” created after my cousin that I can share.


How cute and it’s a pretty good likeness.


Precious!! :heart:


Aww that’s adorable! Can’t wait to see Matthew.


Awe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I bet your Grandma is proud of how well you are painting as well!




She reminded me about the doll and told me her artist chose a kit to look like me. I hadn’t even realized it was the same type of process. But yes, she’s very impressed with my new hobby!