Music :)


So, not dolly related other then this guy belongs to one of our dolly friends. This is his new single released today and I have had it on replay, really enjoying it. @Gabriell

Take the time to listen he is soooooo good!


I love Noah Mac’s music. I really enjoyed watching him on the voice.

Your son is amazing :heart:


Beautiful song, VERY talented, I will be listening to some of his other songs soon


Truly enjoyed😊


Nice! A very talented young man. I remember him from the voice.


Thank you for sharing the link. I just got back on this forum and noticed it. I really appreciate all the support for Noah this year, you ladies are awesome!


How is he doing by the way? Staying pretty busy with all the new music I would imagine.


He just graduated and is taking a full year to just make music, play in the studio, experiment… He is working on a new album and its pretty awesome music. He isn’t traditional he doesn’t play by pop-music rules, he wants to just express himself freely and hopes people can find something in that. He has also been in LA off and on working with producers.


That’s amazing! You can tell he is such a kind soul. He must get that from his mama :heart: Thanks for updating us on him. I’ve been enjoying his music for awhile now and can’t wait to see what he does next. Very talented young man!