Mushroom holder and needles for a beginner

What size and what type of needles are good for a newbie, I have tried 38g crown 3 barb, broke the needle and 40 g with 6 barbs and guess what , broke the needle, wigs are starting to look good (lol), is there any difference in the mushroom tools that are available

I like the GERMAN 38 Gauge ULTRA Needles but I do also use a 43 Gauge Ultra…and I still break needles…lol

Are you heating the head up when you root? I noticed that I broke more needles (40ga) when I didn’t heat the head with a rice sock inside.

Yea I did it,
I am practising on an old vinyl doll that I had laying around, and I think I have the hang of it, did break another needle but I did get a lot further and at least the hair actually rooted this time, I quite enjoyed it ,I thought I would hate that part but it is sastifying to see hair where it was once bald, shame I cant fix my 35 year old son’s bald spot
Thanks for your help,

I have ben using Tinkerbell Creations’ 40G German Fork Needles. Two heads, one needle (didn’t break or bend).

Hi…I also started using Tinkerbell’s 40g needle and love love love them!
I previously could only root (literally…could not get any other needle to root for me!) the BB 38g regular needles…they worked fine for me, but I broke all records for breaking needles every doll I made…sometimes up to 10 times l0l…the last baby I made I rooted with Tinkerbell’s 40g and it didn’t ever break and rooted very well.

Linda :