MOVING Soon Sale

Hi everyone!! Over the past 6 months I’ve been building a new home. In about 3 weeks we’re finally moving. I have several kits and other reborning supplies that I plan on selling Instead of moving. My move is your gain.
Here’s a list of kits. Some with bodies, some without. Stay tuned for other items such as extra bodies, Realborns and photo props. ALL prices will include shipping within the US.

PENDING Brodie Hess #58/400 with signed by sculptor body/COA
$OLD Gannett Kitagawa #389/450 with body/COA
PENDING. Dallas McLeod #7/400 with body/COA
$OLD Yael Legler #750/1234 NO Body
$OLD Charlotte Eagles First Edition #72/200 w/body signed by sculptor.
$OLD Jasmine Dickenson 5/450 ROSE 2019 Baby No Body. If you want the special box it’s $10 extra.
Smoke Free Home and Pet Free nursery. ALL prices include Shipping in the USA. PM me your PayPal address for invoicing.


I would like Charlotte Eagles please


I would like Yael also. Thank you!


Sent separate invoices.

Thank you!!

@YelenaRey oh man! I forgot to watch for this post! I’m jealous of your kits haha


I want Jasmine please

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I would love
Gannett Kitagawa

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@judylane1961 I’ll need your PayPal address for invoicing.

Sent pm

Thank you. :blush:

Not sure I did it right

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@judylane1961 with or without collectors box? :blush:

Without please

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No problem

Invoice sent.

Invoice sent…I’ll be mailing these out tomorrow.

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Invoice sent! Thank you.

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All paid, thank you :heart:

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I knew that some one will get jealous :wink: ! I was just so lucky that I was on the forum just as Melanie posted it.