Mouth (lips) advice

Please help for lip color. Can you reccomend what has worked well for you. I first got it too dark and then too light. I want them to look natural. Any help appreciated. Thank you, Whisper

I mix my pyrole red with a small hint of blue and burnt umber…I mix with Genesis thinner for more control and do very thin layers!

I use the pre-mixed for lips. Very thin layers, usually two or three all depending. I also usually use a slighty darker(mix in a VERY small amout of Burnt umber) to use JUST in the mouth crack or inside the mouth if open to shade it.

Thank you, I will try again.
Bless, Whisper

I think many very thin layers really is the key. I like to mix my colors in the glazing gel too. Also, I vary the colors.
First is usually a eyelid purple, then pyrole red, and keep doing different colors until I get the color I want. If the colors you mix are too dark (not thinned enough) the lips will be too dark before you get the color you want.