So do babies or do they not have mottling on their faces? I have seen it stated both ways. Any baby experts out there?

As mum of a now nearly 1 year old I can say she has more noticable mottling on her limbs but still has subtle mottling on her face too and this has been the case since birth although her skin was much darker as a newborn.

Every baby is different. some do and some don’t. I guess it just depends on your personal taste.

I do daycare here at my house and have had little ones around for 17 years. They are all different and sometimes even ‘clear’ skin will have some bad days. Any sculpt can be done with your choice of complexion. Smooth, peaches and cream or mottled, bumpy, baby acne, and even fingernail scratches. It’s all up to us.
We are the artists.

Hello… I was an OB/NBN nurse for many years and then taught Maternal Child nursing for many years. Knowing what causes mottling may help you to understand where the effect should be most prominent. In a newborn, the circulatory system has not totally matured at birth; therefore the baby may experience some vasomotor instability and poor circulation in the extremities in particular. In other words they can’t get sufficient oxygen to their periphery (arms & legs in particular) because they can’t get the oxygenated blood to those areas as efficiently. This will change as they get older and the circulatory system matures. That is why the mottling shows up more in the extremities rather than on the chest region and then the face. As the baby gets older their circulatory system gradually matures and eventually mottling will not be as evident.

So to summarize: Mottling is more pronounced in the extremities (arms and feet then legs), a little less evident on the trunk (chest region) and even less evident (usually not as noticeable) on the face.

I hope this hasn’t sounded to nursey. LOL!!! And I hope it has answered your question.