Mottling, sort of

I have tried doing mottling but ended up with just colour where I’ve tried to blot off paint that has slightly pooled. So if I actually manage it, but feel as though it looks too dark, can I use Pale Mottling (using SCN air dry paints) to make it paler again? Or any other suggestions for making it less dark?

Try using a lot less paint on your mottling sponge…

I don’t use the same paints, but do use air dry.

Paint used for mottling should never pool. This means that your sponge is way too saturated. I dip my sponge into paint that has been spread on a flat surface, like a bowl or plate, blot off on a paper towel, then apply. You can also apply the mottling mixture to the sponge with a paintbrush.

Mottling too dark. Is it possible that your paint is too concentrated? You could thin it out some. If it’s just the color, you could mix a lighter color in to lighten it, but still thin out so it won’t end up looking too opaque.

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