Mother Nature’s confused


Je compatis tellement…
Spring point his nose here, with so much rain that rivers will go out of their bed.
In other regions of the Province, it’s snowing, like 40 cm ( more than a foot)
Maybe we can hope to have a summer that will last more than 2 months…

Mother Nature is going crazy !


Omg,no!!! :rofl:


Definitely. just as I’m tired of snow and freezing cold, I’m sure I’d get pretty sick if so much humidity!


Oh I hope so, for the longer summer!! It’s the worst when it feels like it’s over as soon as it starts.


I developed trochanter bursitis last year, so between that and 2 features in both feet the cold causes a lot of pain. So warmer climate sounds great to me!! :grin:


Yes, that is one thing I cannot deny. I hate the humidity. I have problems breathing in it. Plus, it makes you feel so sticky. But, it is just that I don’t really like cold (not that we have the kind of cold here that others farther north have), and as long as I can have AC, I do fine with the heat. But, I have thought how it would be nice to be able to trade some of the heat for some of the winter, and vice versa! Guess we humans are just never happy. But, I take it as it is. .I grew up in this State, only farther South of here – in the West Central part of the state. Now I live in the Northwest corner of it. :slight_smile:


Yes, we’re never happy :blush:. Love to find a state that’s between 65-77 warm but not humid. And just the perfect light breeze! That’s ideal for me. I love spring)real spring) and fall!


I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. I just hate the thought of getting on a plane. My feet are staying firmly on the ground! :laughing:


We lived in Decatur and Lovington from 2010-2013 the first winter in 2010 was awful, we had so much snow I told my husband if I never see snow again I’d be okay lol.


I remember as a kid when they had to shut down the highways because we’d have blizzard-like conditions…it wasn’t so much the amount of snow but wed have so much blowing and drifting it seemed like we had a foot or two.
Its how I knew I could drive in anything and anywhere because I learned to drive in Illinois!


It snowed nearly all day yesterday. My friend spent the evening she is from California for a week. She was a bit snarly and grumpy about the snow lol. She only had spring type clothes with her. Still some snow on the ground since dropped to 27 last night. Poor budding plants and trees.


What a difference a day makes, today 52 out,


Thats Illinois for you :wink: