Mother Nature’s confused


looks like December even though it’s April! I’m in Illinois. :weary:



I spent most of my childhood and teen years, even some of my twenties, in Illinois, mainly Bloomington/Normal and Heyworth (where I went to HS)…I don’t miss it one bit!


Oh if I had a chance to move, Florida is my spot! I’d rather tolerate humidity than snow!!


Oh no! It’s finally nice here now and my dog got to go to the lake today, she doesn’t swim but she likes to chase the ducks from on shore.



My daughter lives there, in Tampa.

You should be used to the humidity living in Illinois so it won’t be bad, you’ll just miss out on the snow and below zero temps :wink:


I hate humidity worse than anything. Even in Hawaii.


Wow, I thought Cleveland weather was bad.


I would take that right now. I’m in Florida with Oppressive heat and humidity. I have to stay inside in the ac. I can’t breathe out there.


Jeanhai, do you live in Hawaii?


I live in Illinois too, this is what our area looked as well. Only quit snowing a bit ago. And cold!


Hey we go to Bloomington all the time, it’s only an hour from us.


Oh really?
My brothers are still there, they both live in small towns. Where are you? Im sure Ive been there if you are only an hour from Bloomington LOL


We live in a small town north called Coal City. 30 minutes farther north than Pontiac.
We have hubbys family all over the Bloomington Peoria area.


Ive definitely been to Pontiac…my brothers are in Clinton and Colfax.


Oh yeah we have some family in Clinton. I don’t know them though. They have huge family. You are right about our humidity in Illinois lol


Yup, feels like you need to cut it with a knife.


No, but my sister does. Hawaii’s beautiful but I just can’t tolerate the humidity. The last time I went there I couldn’t even get dried off after a shower because I was sweating before I was done. I couldn’t wait to come home.


Our oldest son and his family lived there for about 2 - 3 years – a long time ago. The baby that was born there is 20, I guess. Hard to keep up with all the ages. Our daughter always wanted us to go there, but the military never gave us orders to go there. I am sure everyplace has its drawbacks, just like every place has its “pretty” as my German aunt used to say. :slight_smile: