Morgans Head, not rooting hair. Help!

I’ve been trying to root Morgan, but the hair does not stay. I started with s 46g, then even a bigger needle 42g and 40g. I’ve tried a layer of matte with no luck. Anyone else have this issue and what to do?

I have this problem sometimes too just make sure your barb is the right way to stick the hairs. Maybe someone will come along soon and help you out. Sorry this is happening to you it is very frustrating. What kind of hair are you using? Mohair, human hair, I have problems with human hair more.

I have the barb in the right direction, even tried a crown needle… It goes in but then doesn’t stay. It slips right back out… I think I read some where that you can paint e-6000 glue on the inside or something. I’m off to google…

make sure you are pushing that needle in the whole way. heating the head helps because it makes the head softer and more like rubber so it grabs better. sometimes wetting the spot that is giving you trouble helps too. anything that will increase the friction. push in quickly and pull out slowly. I glue in sections to prevent the hair falling out as i move it around. Hope some of that helps

I had a couple of spots on the head I just finished and it was driving me crazy. I put a light layer of modge podge on it and let it dry over night then put a hot rice sock. The hair finally held I then did a second coat of modge podge but I would not ever dream of using E600.

Try heating the head as you go. It helps the hole to close up. Gluing the inside might help, too. Mod Podge will work great. Tacky glue works, but seems to take forever to dry. E6000 will work, it’s very strong. However, it is messy and the odor is very strong. It is also hard to clean up. So, I would save the E6000 for gluing magnets to pacis. Good luck with this.

the problem i have found with putting glue in the head before rooting, especially the e6000, is that as you poke the needle through, the glue will start to come off. it kinda peels like hot glue. and then unless you rip it all out before you put more glue in there, it gets in the way and you can’t seal the hair properly. and be careful with teh e6000 to seal the hair after you root it. it is SUPER gooey and will rip hair out as you try to smooth it around. I switched to the mod podge and do it in thin layers.

If the smell of the rice sock makes you ill, then try corn kernals. YOu can get them at a feed store or garden supply center. And, I think even in the supermarkets now. The problem with the corn kernals is that I get this overwhelming urge for popcorn! LOL On the news last night said that popcorn is going higher than gas since the popcorn crop was effected by the drought.

I wet the area where my needle is going in when I have difficult places to root. It REALLY does help. I certainly would not be rooting with a 40 guage needle, but would go back to the 46 or 43 ones. I tried gluing first one time and had a horrible mess. I think heat and moisture on the outside will cause enough friction and all to grab that hair ad keep it.