My goodness - what a small head!!

Have you reborned BB’s Morgan? If so can you post a photo?


I reborn her but I can’t seem to find the photo on my computer. She does have a lovely face and makes an adorable little preemie. Give her a soft look and snuggly clothing and she will come out great for you.

Here is one that I did. She fits perfectly into preemie clothes.

Here’s mine.

Here is mine!

Hmm,I didn’t realize that Morgan was that tiny.

Awwwww - thanks everyone. All your Morgan’s are very sweet. I know it is a cute kit, - I guess I’m just partial to bigger babies. I did one quite some time ago and then ordered this one. I just didn’t remember it being so small (especially the head).


for some reason I was under the impression she was bigger until I actually started making her…she does have the sweetest face but I was not fond of her legs…I found them too straight…anyone else find that?

I don’t like the limbs. I’ll probably switch them out when I reborn the next one.

Here is mine!

Here is the Morgan I did the Christmas before last. I love that sculpt.

She really does have a very sweet face, but I agree about the limbs and that one arm (the right one) I really do not like at all.