More pics of my first reborn


So the lighting is crappy but I’ve been practicing with my new camera.


Love the mottling!


Thank you! I hope to be able to tone it down for my next doll.


Why? He looks great in the pictures.
I wish I would be more brave with my first one. She always reminds me how careful I was with her with my fear to ‘overdoit’. But on another hand it’s a great reminder in front of my eyes to see my progress.
Keep your first, even if you have no connection with him. Very soon you’ll have many babies to sell, so not selling Logan will not be a huge deal in a long run, but it will be interesting to look back and see how you started. I am glad that I followed everyone’s’ recommendation on this forum and kept mine :slight_smile: .


Food for thought. I’m kind of starting to like the little guy.


I was not too attached to my Logan, but I miss him after he was gone and wish now I ‘loved’ him more while he was with me. :blush:


Aw sweetness!


I don’t have any dolls yet and I don’t know how much of a collector I’ll be. I have a Ramsey Brace kit that I’d like to keep and I’m interested in Laura Brown but I don’t see myself with a lot of dolls. For one thing I have no one to put them!




I see what you are saying, but my first Ella is not a ‘collectible’ baby for me. It’s a sentimental fist reborn that I was so proud no matter how she look to me now. You should do what makes you happy, regardless of what everyone is saying.


That’s so true. Either way, I won’t be trying to sell him now so I still have some time to decide. I need to put this hobby aside for seversl weeks ( is that even going to be possible???) so I can meet my deadline for my book. The editor is expecting it the end of August :grimacing:


What are you writing?


An autobiography that I am self-publishing on Amazon. I’m at the phase where I just want it to be done. Like back in university when I had papers to write, I felt guilty for doing anything else. I hope to inspire and affect people with my book and that’s the carrot that keeps me going. I just basically need a kick in the pants to put the dollies down and get back to my laptop. Lol


Very cool. The dolls are hard to put aside, but you can do it! The dolls will be there waiting for you :slight_smile: Let us know when the book is out!


Thank you! I’m also excited to design the book cover so that’s something to look forward to.