More help with picking a sculpt

I’m only about to try my second baby…trying to make a keepsake for each of my children. So, curious which sculpt you all would recommend given these two pics. I was thinking close eyed Asher.

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OH, FOR SURE - closed eyed Asher.

Definitely closed eyed Asher, the nose is so right.

I actually like closed eyed Kase much better than Asher…in fact, they are so close in my opinion, you might think you are looking at the same baby. Asher has an odd nose bridge that isn’t on your baby - it looks too deep, the nose of Kase is smoother transition from the forehead.

Asher’s nose looks too harsh here


I agree with Ginny - Kase is much better match! He is available now!

I think Kase looks very much like the second picture of your baby. I love Asher but he looks a bit harder than your little one, I would go with Kase if it was me.

Kase or caleb

Caleb is really tiny------if that’s what you’re looking for he would be ok too,

Wow! Thanks. Those two pics together are cool!

Definitely Kase! Right on target Ginny!

You have beautiful children. And kase looks identical.

Another vote for KASE…wow…a great match there!

Kase is the better pick.

Thanks all! So excited …Kase is on his way!!!