More Great BB KITS and HEADS Available! Some Out of Stock, Discontinued! <3

Hi Friends! Here is the 2nd round of available kits and heads I have! Some are sold out limited editions. Prices do not include shipping. Message me for orders. I may be adding a few more in the next few days! Thanks for checking them out! :relaxed:

(BB Sold Out)Naomi Denise Pratt with COA $60

(BB Sold Out)Limited Edition, Dean, $60

(BB Sold Out) Tayla $30

(BB Sold Out) Rosebud $25

(BB Sold Out) Kendal $30

Precious Gift, $20

Gracie, $30

Gena $25

Maisie $20

Shyann $25

Head Amber X2 $15 each

Head Sam X2 $15 each

Head Sweetie X2 $15 each

Head Samantha $15

Head Savannah 2nd $12

Head Spencer 2nd $12



Do you still have precious gift if so how much is shipping? My zip code is 21661

Do you still have the Shyann?