More fun with KMART Berenguers:):)

They’re adorable. I especially love the little smiling one. Their diaper covers are adorable too.

Oh Lisa they are adorable! Are you using the bodies I made that you bought from me?

I like the one on the left! What a cutie!

They are adorable!

Sooo Cute!

They are adorable but i hate stripping!!

Beyond cute!! And I love the diapers.


Very cute - they look like they are full of the ‘devil’

Are they the 16" Berenguers??


So very cute! You did a fantastic job with them!! If I may ask… Are these soft vinyl Berenguers? Easy or hard to root. How much are they going for at Kmart. Thanks!!

They turned out cute! The one on the left is still my favorite face. Sanding the head probably made it easier to root too. I didn’t sand mine. Once you get them rooted you can’t really tell but I rooted more hair in mine too.

They are both so precious! Wow, they look real. What a fantastic job you have done!

They are so precious. Those berenquers make such sweet babies.

      Hugs Tina

hi they are adorable , did you change the eyes, and if so how hard was it to do that with these dolls. thanks marlene

They are ADORABLE!!! If I didnt know any better, I would swear they were kits and not berenguer dolls. They look SOOO REAL!!!